Is It Worth Getting a Teeth Cleaning Twice a Year? | San Jose CA
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Is It Worth Getting a Teeth Cleaning Twice a Year? | San Jose CA

Teeth cleaning is one of those dental procedures that is ageless. This means that children, adults, and seniors, all require to visit their dentist at least once or twice a year for prophylaxis. Doing this consistently from the age of one year can help to prevent the risk of dental problems and emergencies, and the associated pain, expensive treatments, and inconvenience of skipping school or work or changing your diet, just to restore your oral health. The results of any cosmetic dental treatments, such as bleaching, will also last longer because prophylaxis helps to prevent discoloration and staining. 


Preventative Oral Care 

Routine dental checkups and professional cleaning form a vital part of preventative oral care. These preventive visits may also include additional services, such as X-rays, fluoride application, cancer examination, and so on depending on your personal dental care needs and your last oral checkup. 


Your dentist will determine which of these preventive procedures are necessary based on your dental exam. Fortunately, these services can be done in a single appointment with the cost depending on a variety of factors such as:


  • Your region – a higher standard of living leads to more expensive dental care 
  • Type of dental professional – dentist vs dental hygienist  
  • Age of the patient – children enjoying an average discount of 20% on most treatments
  • Number of services performed – more services mean higher cost 
  • Your insurance dental policy – If you have a dental insurance plan, your cost of preventive care may be considerably lower, or nothing more than your monthly premium. Since dental insurance plans typically emphasize preventative care, most of them cover two annual dental checkups at 100% percent. 


Combined with a proper at-home oral care routine, these professional teeth cleaning can help you maintain optimal dental health, reducing the risk of tooth loss and expensive dental procedures. Dental checkups and professional cleaning are quite inexpensive and should be performed regularly as recommended by dental professionals, every six months, to ensure your optimal oral health. 

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