5 Dental Issues That Can Be Fixed Using A Dental Crown

dental crown

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped prosthetic device used as a cap to cover a damaged tooth and improve its appearance.

Dental crowns can be made out of different materials including porcelain, stainless steel, and ceramic mimic.

The material used to make a dental crown may determine the results you get both aesthetically and in terms of durability.

Here are five issues that dental crowns can fix:

Issue #1 – Canal-treated tooth

Root canal leaves the repaired tooth hollow and susceptible to cracks and fractures. Ask your dentist to fill your canal-treated tooth and crown it immediately.

Issue #2 – Cracked-tooth syndrome

Chewing can be quite painful if you have internal tooth fractures. Crowns fix this by holding the tooth together and ensuring the entire tooth structure, and not just some parts, endure chewing pressure. A crown would also help prevent further spreading of the fractures.

Issue #3 – Tooth with a large filling

A tooth with a large filling is likely to break or crack when exposed to heavy bite pressure. A crown will ensure the tooth and the filling is encased tightly together and does not directly come into contact with the opposite tooth.

Issue #4 – Broken cusps

Accidents and large fillings can all cause cusps to break. A broken cusp makes the tooth prone to future cracks and may cause immense damage on the tooth over time. To prevent this, a crown can be placed to conceal the remaining cusps and take the direct bite pressure on their behalf.

Get A Crown Treatment Today

If you have a dental imperfection that is causing you chewing problems or that you’re simply not happy about, consider having a crown placed on it. Call Forest Dentistry at 408-993-1008 if you are in San Jose and want to see a qualified dentist for a crown treatment.

3 Treatments To Expect During Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

teeth whitening

If you’re self-conscious about the color of some of your teeth, you could schedule teeth cleaning appointment with a dentist and restore your sparkling white smile. However, before you make the move, you may want to know some of the options available to you and an insight into what exactly to expect. Below are some of the most common and preferred teeth whitening procedures:

#1. Use of gels and strips

Gels and strips contain low concentration whitening agents in them and usually have a short treatment period. Generally, your teeth should be white within the first two or three weeks of using gels and strips.

Gels are applied directly on your teeth using a small brush while strips are carefully placed over the surface and removed after 30 minutes. Either procedure should be repeated on a daily basis for at least one month.

#2. Use of bleaching chemicals

Bleaching agents are arguably the surest and most popular method of whitening stained and discolored teeth. Most of them contain the chemical carbamide peroxide which is friendlier and minimally irritating to the teeth and gum tissues. For agents that contain hydrogen peroxide, a buffer is used to prevent significant corrosion on the enamel.

#3. Use of special toothpaste

When the stains are only on the surface of your teeth such as those caused by coffee drinking and smoking, teeth whitening toothpaste are chosen over bleaching agents. Most of this toothpaste can be purchased over the counter, albeit it would be advisable to check with a dentist first to ensure you are using the right product. Also, ensure the toothpaste is certified by the ADA for good measure.

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5 Reasons Dentists Recommend Invisalign Over Traditional Braces


If you crave straighter teeth but do not fancy the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, Invisalign could be the solution you’re looking for. The revolutionary treatment, which is only two decades old, does everything conventional braces do and come with a set of extra advantages that are simply impossible to ignore. Here are some of them:

#1. Invisalign aligners are custom-made

Unlike metal braces which are the same for everyone, Invisalign aligners are built to target your specific problem. Impressions of your mouth will be taken and sent to Invisalign experts for fabrication of your aligners.

#2. They are invisible

Invisalign are renowned mainly for having solved the problem of conspicuousness that is inevitable with traditional braces. The clear plastic Invisalign aligners are made of blends in perfectly with your teeth to ensure your treatment remains as discreet as possible.

#3. They work faster

Experts believe that Invisalign works faster by up to four months if user instructions are followed to the letter. However, to a large extent treatment period depends on the severity of your problem.

#4. Invisalign aligners can be removed

Removability allows you to eat, brush your teeth, clean the aligners and attend social occasions for a maximum of three hours a day. Metal braces remain affixed on your teeth for the entire treatment period.

#5. They are more comfortable

Invisalign aligners have better-curved edges than metal braces hence are less irritating to your lips, inner cheeks, and gum tissue.

If you’re still torn between traditional braces and Invisalign, contact Forest Dentistry today at 408-993-1008 to learn more about both treatments. We are located in San Jose and offer a range of other cosmetic dentistry treatments that you may be interested in.

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4 Services Orthodontics Offer Better Than Dentistry


Orthodontics is a sub-specialty of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of jaws and teeth. It is mostly associated with cosmetic dentistry, though most orthodontic problems are with actual oral health problems.

  1. Gap Filling

Although mostly not an aesthetic issue, gaps caused between teeth can be a hygiene and health problem as well. Food can get stuck in the gaps and cause plaque and tartar, the two main causes of periodontal disease.

While dentists can properly perform corrective procedures such as bonding to fill small gaps, orthodontists are the better professionals to take more severe gap cases to, as they have both better training and superior equipment.

  1. Realignment of crowded teeth

Crowding happens when all your teeth cannot be held in a straight alignment due to lack of sufficient room in your mouth. It is both a cosmetic and hygienic problem that can be corrected using braces and other treatments offered by orthodontists.

  1. Treatment for bruxism

Most enamel loss cases can be attributed to teeth grinding and clenching. Orthodontic checkups can help you detect bruxism and have it treated in time.

Orthodontists use corrective treatments such as braces and special headgear to improve teeth grinding caused by alignment problems.

  1. Correcting malocclusion

Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and misplaced midlines are all described as malocclusion. Occlusion problems can badly ruin your smile and cause you difficulties biting and chewing. Some such as crossbites, open bites and overbites have been shown to catalyze wear on your molars.

Orthodontics could be the solution to your problem

Technology in orthodontics has advanced immensely over the years, and now virtually every orthodontic problem has a solution. The above issues can all be corrected by Forest Family Dentistry, your local orthodontic center in San Jose. Call us today at 408-993-1008  if you have a problem you feel needs attention.

5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Save Your Smile

cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is growing popular by the day as more and more people are beginning to realize that they actually have options when it comes to improving their smile. Thanks to the great reception, the subspecialty is also evolving, and now virtually every imaginable dental imperfection has a treatment.

To help you get a better understanding of cosmetic dentistry, we have discussed below some of the most common ways through which cosmetic dentists can fix your smile.

1 – By use of Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are an excellent option for people who don’t fancy the conspicuousness that comes with traditional braces. They are made of clear plastic to ensure no one knows you’re wearing them. They are also removable to allow you to eat and clean your teeth.

2 – Through teeth bleaching

For people who wish to brighten their smile a little bit, tooth bleaching comes as the simplest, surest and most affordable teeth whitening treatment there is.

Consider seeing a cosmetic dentist for the treatment instead of using over-the-counter bleaching formulas to minimize the risk of corroding your enamel and hurting your gums.

3 – Through veneers

Dental veneers remain the gold standard in cosmetic dentistry mainly thanks to their versatility. They work the same way as dental bonding but are fancied for looking more natural and promising longer lasting results.

4 – Through enamel bonding

Enamel bonding makes for one of the most workable treatments for chipped, cracked and deeply stained teeth. The bonding material is moldable and can be shaped to give your tooth the exact shape you asked for.

5 – By enamel abrasion

This is another tested-and-tried method of removing discoloration. It works on stains that sit just on the surface of your teeth. Examples of such strains include those from coffee, wine, soda and cigarette smoking. Stains that are inside the tooth can only be covered using a veneer or dental bonding.

If you’re self-conscious about a small imperfection on your smile, consider paying Dr. Hieu Dao a visit for examination and treatment. Contact us at 408-993-1008 today to schedule your appointment.

3 Things to consider when choosing your General Dentist

choosing your general dentist

Choosing your general dentist is vital for both your dental health and your smile. If you’re looking for a new general dentist either on a short term or long term basis, you’re advised to do your research first before making a choice. Here’s how to choose a general dentist:

1. Check qualification

Education and qualification should always come first when trying to narrow down your options to just one dentist. Ensure your dentist is qualified by requesting to see their papers and licensing for their business.

Any dentist in the US is either a doctor of dental surgery (DMS) or doctor of dental medicine (DMD). The two degrees provide proof that the doctor has undergone two years of pre-dental college and another four in undergraduate training in dentistry.

2. Reputation

There is no better person to approach if you want to learn about a dentist than someone they have served. Review sites provide the best platform to meet clients and learn about prospective dentists and their history with clients.

Choose the dentist with a good balance of a number of reviews and a number of positive reviews. You may also want to check star ratings to help you narrow down your options further.

3. Location and working hours

Dental office location should matter when choosing a general dentist for you and your family.

Choose the general dentist located closest to your home to make it easy to schedule appointments you can honor, and in time. Working days and hours should also be when you have the time to pay the office a visit. The dentist should also be willing to alter their program to accommodate your schedule.

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